Beginning September 10th –A 12 Week Study

“Behold your God: Rethinking God Biblically”

The entire congregation is strongly encouraged to join together on a journey of rethinking God biblically so that we can better know Him and share Him.  The weekly sermon, a personal workbook and small group discussion are all part of this journey and they will all tie together.

Some Bible study groups may choose to use this material, so your small discussion group  could be your current Bible study, the Sunday morning adult Sunday School class (meeting at 8:45 on Sunday morning) or a new group.

There is a blue insert which you can use as a sign-up sheet.   Please fill it out today and return it to the offering plate.  If you know that you will be part of a Bible study using this book, please sign-up under that time slot.  If you plan to attend during Sunday School hour, please sign-up under that time slot. (NOTE:  THIS WILL BE THE ONLY SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS OFFERED DURING THIS 12 WEEKS. Otherwise, give us 3 times (ranked 1-2-3) that work for you to attend a small group and new small groups will be formed around those meeting times.

SIGNING UP IS VERY IMPORTANT so that we can order the proper number of books and get them here on time.  Books will be available next week.  There will be a small box beside the books-just take a book and put your money in the box beside the books.  Because we feel this is so important books will cost just $10 which is half price.